Korika Features


Use our brand new Cooking feature to produce consumables that give you and your party significant buffs in combat.

Equipment Sacrifice

You are now able to sacrifice equipment from instances and raids to gather souls and other materials used for Item Combine and our Weapon Soul System.

Weapon Souls

Gain special benefits by feeding your weapon souls obtained by defeating bosses or sacrificing equipment.

Reworked Item Combine

The Item Combine system has been reworked and the items used no longer have to match, making endless possibilities.

Prestige Levels

Reaching cap is no longer the final goal. You are now able to level up your Prestige which will make your character stronger.

Item Power

Equipment now has a new stat called Item Power. This will determine how powerful your character is and what instances you're able to enter.

Damage Meter

Gives you access to a Damage Meter allowing you to compare your damage to other players fighting the same enemy as you.

New Item Slots

We have decided to add new Item Slots never used before on any fiesta server, allowing you to equip and farm more special items.

Extended Storage

We've increased the storage from a limiting 4 pages to a massive 16! You won't need to worry about space ever again.